Introducing Yung Swag

Inspired and influenced by his father, Yung Swag, affectionately known as Lil C, is making his mark on the world.

At 10 years old, he remembers when he started rapping.

“I was in my grandfather’s basement and I started saying, ‘What you mean you don’t know me? I’m Lil’ C and I’m rockin’ in my Robin Jeans.’”

He made a whole song to the rhyme when he was 7 or 8 and it became popular, with over 6,000 views on YouTube to date.

It’s a major accomplishment for a young man his age and has afforded him the opportunity to perform in multiple cities at shows with other artists such as iAmDLOW, iLoveMemphis, Silento and fellow Cincinnati-based artist, Prince Bopp.

When it comes to what he listens to, Yung Swag likes hype music because it gets him turned up. “I don’t have a favorite rapper, I just like a lot of people.”

His dad, “Big C” is a business owner and takes pride in allowing his son to do the things he wants like rapping and playing sports.

Sitting on the stoop of his dad’s storefront, Lil’ C looks to his dad who jokingly says, “You’ve been playing sports for seven years and you’re only 10 years old. You’re getting old bruh!”

Big C is grateful to be a positive role model for his son and other young Black men.

“My father has taught me a lot of things, says Lil C.”

So much that the young phenom shares those messages with other kids his age. He encourages kids to be positive and do activities that keep them hype.

“Don’t be in the streets. That’s the only thing I got to say. You go in the streets, you either end up in jail or dead.”

Lil C’s dream is to make it to the NBA and he’s well on his way, playing not only basketball but football and baseball too. He’s been playing basketball since he was two years old and plays every position. He also plays every position in baseball and in football plays, quarterback, wide receiver and safety on defense. Outside of sports and rap, Lil C is a great student with math being his favorite subject.

Lil C’s advice to other kids his age is simple: “Turn up and have fun. Be a kid while you can be a kid and do you.”

Wise words from a young soul.

Check out Yung Swag’s Robin Jeans video on YouTube.


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