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Hood Talk Magazine is here for every bit of the Comeback of Vic G. But can it really be called a comeback? The former III Frum Tha Soul artist has been behind the scenes making big things happen. Now he’s ready to share his new music with the world.

Kind of like LL Cool J, Vic G has been here for years. If you take a moment to reminisce, you’ll recall hs strong, sultry voice on those classic III Frum Tha Soul hits like, What Cha Missin, Break Me Off A Piece and I Get Lonely. Whether to call it a comeback is debatable, but one thing is for sure – Vic G is here to stay. Today, his desire is to continue to put out music that brings life.

“Growing up, music was like a soundtrack. Certain music just takes me back in my life so in my mind, I want the younger generation to hear music that could be a soundtrack to their life.”

He’s doing just that. Similiar to Gerald Levert, his inspiration and his big brother in the music industry, he wants to continue putting out music regardless of his circumstance.

“As long as The Almighty continues to bless me with the vibrations that people feel when they hear my voice, I will continue to do it.”

Vic has been behind the scenes doing rap hooks for local and national artists, and making guest appearances to stay active and to continue to evolve. It seems as though people have been sleeping on the Cincinnati-native, not knowing that he is capable of producing as well.

“Really, I could be a one-man band if I wanted to.”

One of Vic’s biggest lessons to date is understanding the need of people to put a timestamp on things. But he trusts that the Most High knows when its his time and he feels that it is now.

He likens his journey to Jamie Foxx and Steve Harvey – entertainers whose careers took off later in life. Vic G is determined to keep moving his music career forward. Having the respect of not only those in the industry, but those in the ‘hood as well, he says, “I get a lot of respect in these streets. You know … a street nigga that can sing, that’s hard.”

When people see Vic G, they don’t typically see a singer. And he’s cool with that. He doesn’t want you to see a singer. He wants people to see what the streets made. A certified real one. He’s had to deal with a lot of things growing up, the most impactful being the death of his mother at a young age, so all he knows to do is overcome and keep pushing through all the adversity.

For his upcoming album, his inspiration is what it has always been and that’s the Black Woman.

“The Black Woman is the best thing going. And you will never run out of stuff to talk about.”

He’s smart enough to know he can’t lose when making music about the essence of the Black Woman.

“You’re going to hear a lot of love on this new album. I think about the Black Woman in a lot of different ways … I think about her in the lovemaking ways and I might speak in a direct manner but you’ll get my point.”

The artist turned executive gave us an sneak listen to some of his new music and we can’t wait for fans to hear it. This album will definitely take you on a trip withouth getting high. But if you did, nothing would be wrong with that … you’ll still feel the same vibrations intended by the artist.

Vic G worked with a few Atlanta-based producers on his upcoming EP, Bentley Brook and Chilly C, on the songs Everybody Needs Someoneand She’s Bad. But from a vocal production standpoint, he did it all.

“There are some songs on this album that may remind you of some other songs. Some songs that will make you sit back and say, ‘Wow.’ You’re gonna want to groove, dance, you may wanna get a lil’ freaky. I ain’t mad. I like it.”

Vic G enjoys collaborating with other artists and listening to different music for inspiration.

“Certain music will evoke different things in me and make me talk about things that are relevant. Sometimes I may get a track from someone else and it may spark my inner Zulu. I just do me and somehow somebody will end up saying, ‘Oh that’s hot!’”

He loves to create things and let people find their own thing within his music to love. But for Vic, nothingcompares to hearing fans sing his music.

“Sometimes people remind me of my own song. Come back and sing a song that I forgot I wrote.”

Hearing that empowers Vic and makes him strive to continue to give people something special everytime they hear his music.

He makes it sound so easy, but any great artist will tell you that that’s hard to do.

Today’s Vic G is pretty much the same from his III Frum Tha Soul days, except there is nothing holding him back. There is no group and no one attempting to copy his style.

It was destined for the artist to do a solo project.

“In a group there is competition and you never really give everything you got because people feel a way. When I was with my group, people wanted to say I was showing out and then go and show out themsleves. Well now, I’m going to show out. I have more confidence, a ‘I don’t give a fuck, attitude’and a greater belief in myself.”

Now instead of being a grasshopper, he’s a G for real. He’s gone from working with everybody, to producing people … their riffs, their backgrounds, producing the track and knowing that he can do it.

What’s next for Vic G?

He’s formulating a movement that’s going to transcend abroad. Shows, tours and more. He’s also a member of an international conglomerate of artists called, All Tribes Watching and on the executive side of things, he’s overseeing several music and video productions.

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  1. I always say I want to hear your music and don’t give up because you’ve been blessed with a great voice!!! Continue with that give and I’ll support your music Vic!!!!

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  2. Proud of you
    My Brotha!

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