Editor’s Letter: August 2017

The birth of this magazine is a Melanated Dream.™ It’s an outlet for us to shine light on the positive things happening in our hoods. In fact, one of Hood Talk Magazine’s signature interview questions is, “What hood are you from?” It’s a question that makes some people uncomfortable because of cultural biases and stereotypes drawn based on the neighborhood you live in. It’s true. I can’t tell you the number of times someone’s asked me what neighborhood I grew up in and the hesitancy that came over me when I answered, “Evanston” – especially if I was conversing with a white person. As I got older, I was no longer embarrassed to say I was from “E-town” especially because of how hard my parents worked to keep a roof over my head. That’s a powerful lesson. Be proud of who you are and where you’re from.

We are so excited to debut our first issue at this year’s Black Family Reunion. We hope you enjoy what’s inside as we highlight Black entrepreneurs who are doing their thing and other untold stories. Our cover story on Vic G will have you coming back for more. Just wait until you hear his new music as a solo artist! Be sure to check out our website www.hoodtalkmaazine.com for exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of our interviews.


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